I know this might sounds weird but knowing I am almost finish with my New York diaries is making me sad (I should go back soon, perhaps? 😀 ) Dumbo Brooklyn is one of the famous landmarks in New York, I’ve seen enough photos of this street but the other side of me told me I have to see it with my own eyes. We tried to take subway going to Brooklyn bridge but we were having a hard time finding the place so we end up using Uber lol. Continue reading


I stop doing New Year resolutions long time ago, I still can remember I made a long list of my New Year resolutions few years ago but after few weeks I end up forgetting them. Don’t tell me you’re not guilty of that. 😛 My goals last year was to see New York, get a house, job, car and travel with the other half. Those things happened within a year and some of it haven’t sunk in yet. For real! This year, I have a long list and some of these might not happen but that’s okay, Continue reading

Year Ender Post 2016

Hello, Everyone! How’s the first week of 2017 so far? I know I haven’t update this blog for a long time, my schedule has been pretty crazy for the past few weeks and yay for me ’cause I’m writing again. Work, home, home, work— my schedule since I got back from Philippines. Yes guys, I flew to MNL few weeks ago and stayed there for a week (only) full of errands. Continue reading


Hello Everyone! Happy Holidays! 😀 It’s almost Christmas AGAIN and I’m just posting my 2nd entry of our New York diaries. New York has always been on my list, I watched enough movies already about this place and it made me more excited about going to this place. This might sound weird but I almost cried when I set my eyes to this iconic landmark in New York–Times Square. After eating in Jollibee (’cause I missed Filipino food so much) we took subway and went straight to Time Square. It was kinda emotional for me ’cause I only see this place in movies and I can’t believe that I was here. 🙂 All I needed was music playing in the background then it’d be perfect <3

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London is on my travel bucket-list and one day I will cross that off just like what I did to New York. But for now, let’s pretend I’ve been to London already by visiting this English Tea Room downtown in Covington. We bought a house here at the Northshore few months ago, knowing we don’t know anyone here was kinda scary and risky move for us. But anyway, the other half and I are loving this town so much and I get to go to this tea room whenever I want, I don’t need to go fly all the way to London just to experience how Afternoon Tea feels like, just being here is enough (for now) 😛

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