Hello Everyone! How’s your day? Chandler & I just got from biking for few hours in St.Tammany Bike Trace and y’all, I’m exhausted as I expected. It was actually a spontaneous activity, I asked him what he wants to do this afternoon bc he’s off and he said he wants to go biking, Marriage is all about compromising haha so I said yes and also it was a beautiful day since we started getting that Spring weather. He’s such an outdoor person and I’m actually not, just because I’m afraid of everything. Haha and speaking of which, keeping up with physical activities can be very tiring specially if you’re not really into those, so for today’s post, I’ve teamed up with @rbxactive to show y’all my 5 ways to stay active. I also shared here on my previous on how I motivate myself. 

Find your Motivation. When I was trying to lose weight I tried my very best to keep up with my workout routine and trust me, it was really hard, specially when I didn’t feel like doing anything. But whenever I think about all the clothes I can wear again such as bikinis or old jeans that didn’t fit me anymore, it did helped me to do the right thing! And sometimes I found myself stalking those fitness accounts or even re-watching all the VS fashion shows, and no shame at all, that’s how I motivated myself when I decided to get back on shape or the best version of me.


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Hello Everyone! How was your weekend? Today has been a long day for me, I went to the gym this morning, I sprint for only 2 miles so I can make it to my Studio Cycling Class at 9:30 and ohh boy, after I got out the class I was about to jump in to this certain another class I like at 10 but the other side of me was like, “Oooh, ain’t happening” haha nevertheless it was a good workout. I asked Chandler to come home early bc there was a Mardipaws Parade earlier and never seen so much dog in my entire life until today, I was also expecting Ian Somerholder will be there but he wasn’t! Dang it! Hahaha

Anyway, this what I wore earlier, I even asked Keith to take few snaps for my blog, loving all the photos he took and here I am, blogging about it even though I still have so much backlogs! I love how Spring-ishh this ensemble is! Never thought that this top would look so good with my denim skirt actually, I bought this cute top last year and never had a chance to wear it until today but no worries y’all, you can still shop the exact one below and it comes with red color too!


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Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! How are you guys doing? How’s your Valentine’s Day? Chandler surprised me with so much heart shape balloons & 2 dozens of flowers 2 days ago aside from that he also took me out on a date in New Orleans, had my dessert to my new fav place in town then we had few drinks before we head home. A friend of mine is going to stay overnight here in our place and tomorrow we’re going to New Orleans to meet my blogger friend for our Photoshoot around Magazine Street and since K is working around the area we’re planning of eating lunch together! Anyway, Life has been nothing but busy lately, one of goals this year is to be able wake up early and get things done right away and I think, I’m doing good about it. But the hardest part is forcing myself to get out of bed whenever my alarm clock goes off but once you did it though you’ll thank yourself that you or I did and you have the rest of the day to do your errands. I just got done doing house chores and once I finish writing this blog post, I’ll probably soak myself in a bathtub with lots and lots of bubbles. Haa! How do your treat yourself after accomplishing things?

For today’s blog post, I am going to show y’all my current favorites and things that making me happy atm. This is my second time doing this and I don’t think I’m stopping soon so without any further yadaa yadda here’s my Friday’s Five Favs!


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Hello Everyone! How’s your Valentine’s Day guys? Chandler surprised with lots and lots of heart shape balloons just like what he did last year bc he know I get gaga over balloons not only that, he also got me 2 dozens of fresh flowers and took me out on a date, brought me to my new fav dessert place and had some few drinks before we head home from Nola. We haven’t done this in a while bc of our busy schedule and last night was nothing but full of happiness and so much love! I hope you guys had fun last night and always remember to celebrate love everyday not only in Valentine’s day and show the kind of love that Corinthians tells us to have. “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.” 


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Hello Everyone! Happy Mardi Gras Weekend! K & I just got home from New Orleans, it was nothing but but full of festivity in town! Tiring yet we had so much fun! Mardi Gras is one of the biggest Celebrations in Louisiana. Every town has their own parades but usually the biggest ones happens in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday and if you haven’t been to Nola for Mardi gras you gotta have to! Words won’t even give justice how fun Mardi Gras is! Something you can enjoy without causing you anything, in fact ya gotta have some amazing things from all the Krewes. Speaking of such, for today’s blog post will give y’all ideas how to throw Mardi Gras party wherever you live.

King cake. Mardi Gras is not complete without King cake and of course and like they say, King Cake calories don’t count (LOL) If only I’m not dealing with gluten allergy right now I’ll probably stuff my mouth with this King Cake in front of me.

Mardigras Beer. To top it off with Celebration, try to Celebrate with these beers from Abita Beer. They have different kind and I must say, you HAVE to try all of em!

Dress up. Trust me when I say Celebration is even more better if you dress up, another reason for us to be someone.

Decorations. Mardi Gras has 3 main colors! Purple, symbolizes Justice, Gold, symbolizes Power, Green, symbolizes Faith. If you don’t have any beads try to improvise using this 3 colors and don’t forget to invite your friends over and you’re good to go from throwing the best Mardi Gras Party!


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