They say being a Fashion/Lifestyle blogger is expensive, let me tell you a secret (well, not a secret anymore bc I’m sharing it with y’all haha) that’s not true. Since I started this career I found so many ways to make everything cheaper but at the same time not looking so cheap. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect material and style. I’ve been asked many times of what’s the do’s and dont’s of shopping online and I think it’s time for me to share ’em. When I was back home (Philippines) I don’t really shop online bc I’ve had enough experienced where I bought it but end up not liking it just bc I don’t like the fitting. When I moved here in the US and started shopping more online I found so many ways to get the right item. Sometimes it can be pretty much tricky though, my always to go to shopping stores online are Zaful & Shein. When I first saw their prices I was like “this is too good to be true” at first I was hesitant of ordering from them but I still gave it shot anyway and I’m glad I did. Since then they’re always been my fav online shops. I’ve had hit and missed experienced with them but knowing Shein offers US free shipping, no minimum order kinda take that away from me. LOL Who doesn’t like free shipping after all? And their clothes are so unique, I’m the kind of girl who’s “if everything wearing it, I am not wearing it” Lol I don’t like being somewhere and suddenly this person and I are wearing the same clothes (good thing, never happen to me yet) I never had clothes that I ordered from them that never got compliments plus you don’t have to pay taxes when you check out. Haha! Aside from those stores online, I usually go to Forever21 if I’m running out something to wear but honestly, their clothes lately (in my opinion) started looking so cheap and so does the quality. So without any further yada yada here’s my secret when I’m shopping online.

Sizing: Online stores doesn’t really have consistent sizing, specially if its coming from china, some of them don’t follow the US sizing bc they have different manufactures so everytime I want something online I usually look up their sizing and the next one is,

Reviews: When I buy clothes online I have to spend mins before I put ’em in my cart  (for real y’all) most of it because I read all the reviews first, if it’s true to size or if its the same thing as described, pictures online can be very deceiving. I have to know what’s the material they used and etc.

Returns & Refunds. Aside from little details I also look their return & refund policy, different stores online have different policy and I usually don’t buy clothes when they don’t offer return & refund, but honestly haven’t had any experience where I have to return it bc I don’t like it, and going through all the trouble is not worth it at all if you only bought it for few bucks.

Trusted site. Never buy something online if you think something’s going on, you have to trust your instincts, when I’m a first time buyer from their site, as much as possible I try to look for their company reviews first and I usually use Paypal when I checkout, I can always ask for refund whenever something goes wrong.


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Hello Everyone! How’s your December so far? I can’t still fathom the fact that we got snow last Friday, Snow in Louisiana? You gotta be kidding me! That was major!!! I’ve heard the last time they got snow here was 9 years ago, almost like a decade and you guys, that was also my first snow experienced! My heart was really happy when I saw the snow falling from the sky and cold weather calls for a hot cocoa or coffee. I wasn’t really a coffee drinker before but my husband turned me into one, I can’t call it a day without my caffeine and I’m not even exaggerating about it. Fun fact though; I really don’t drink hot coffee no matter how cold outside, I remember telling Chandler to get my usual iced coffee and he was like “but it’s so cold outside and you want iced coffee?” haha so when community coffee emailed me to review their cold brew coffee I was SO excited.

This coffee is super easy to make and the 24 hours of making it is worth the wait. I like how good and strong this is, this coffee comes in a small box with two foil packs that each contain two pouches of coffee, it’s basically like tea bags, I usually drop ’em in 4 cups cold filtered water and let it sit for 24 hours in my refrigerator, after that I usually remove the filter bags and add another 3 cups of cold water in the pitcher. I like mine with 2% milk, you can either put half & half, anything you want and serve it over ice! Now, I don’t have to spend $5 everyday for my iced coffee because Cold Brew Community Coffee got me good. Click here if you want to learn more about how to make your own cold brew coffee. 


Back home we only have two kinds of weather, rainy days and sunny days so yes, this was my first snow fall in my 24 years of existence. Last year we even made plans to travel up north to scratch things off on my winter wishes but we never had a chance to take off from work and that was the time I had to go home in the Philippines. Anyway, Louisiana is known for bipolar weather, very unpredictable, so when I saw on the news that we might get snow today I was freakin’ out but Chandler told me not to get too excited bc he don’t want me to be disappointed. When I got here in the US, he told me that it’s so rare to snow here bc we’re in the South and last year we moved here in Covington from Central Louisiana. I was so upset last winter bc it snowed in Central Louisiana and we did not get any, I told Keith we really have to fly up north to experience my first snow fall but not anymore.

The universe conspired and gave me what I wished for, I was actually checking all night the weather app and I even woke up early, I missed the first drop of snow so I waited again and after few minutes it started snowing again, I literally did a happy dance when I saw the snow falling from the sky and took Chewie outside but I don’t think he felt the same way. I was taking photos outside my house using self-timer then @yehleenphotography called me for photo op and since she’s only 3 mins away from my house I said yes right away, gotta have that perfect snow photos!


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“I want to start a blog now” “You have the coolest job ever” just some of the few things they told me whenever they asked what I do for a living. It bothers me when people think I do have the easiest job in the world but trust me when I say, it’s REALLY harder than it looks. If you follow me on Instagram or on my blog all you see are pretty clothes and me posing in front of the camera, trying to look cute and everything but little did you know it takes a lot of time and effort just to create one content or blog posts. Imagine yourself dressing up everyday, wearing make up everyday, photoshoots, events, creating blog contents, brainstorming, keeping up with your social media accounts and meeting deadlines is not an easy job. I really don’t wear make up before bc I really do have sensitive skin but I still do it anyway because it’s a part of my job. You see? So many things we sacrifice just for the sake of our job and because I love what I do, and you might think bloggers don’t have bosses but we really do have, all my sponsored post has deadlines and it might sound I’m complaining but trust me I’m not, I’m actually thankful for the opportunities that I’m getting. This kind of job you don’t get paid every 2 weeks or every week, we only get paid whenever we do have collaborations or sponsored posts, sometimes it takes even 14 days or 30 days for us to get paid after we delivered our content that’s why I don’t think this job is not for everyone.

It annoys me whenever brands sent me emails offering freebies in exchange for blog post or instagram posts, if you’re only starting this probably should be okay (like what I did before) but if you’re doing this for a living you have to ask for compensation, we need to get paid bc freebies can’t pay our bills and you also have to know your worth. We spend hours and hours of creating a content just for the sake of their freebies? No, thank you! I learned my lesson when this certain brand sent me an email for Collaboration, free stuff in exchange for instagram posts, I said yes actually bc I wanted to try their products but then she told me I have to do this & that and they even gave me scripted caption, it was just a No No for me, I don’t really post something on my channels unless I really DO recommend it or using it. So if you guys are planning to be a blogger or influencer make sure you love it and you have passion for it not because you get freebies, trust me, it won’t get you anywhere.


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Hello Everyone! How’s your Wednesday? I’ve been decorating our house for Christmas, to be honest I wanted to decorate since the beginning of September but Chandler has this thing where No-Christmas-decorations-before-Thanksgiving so yes, he made me wait after Thanksgiving haha I got my lights all up, Christmas trees are also up, having real Christmas tree inside the house I can really feel more the spirit of Christmas, I ain’t kidding y’all. Speaking of such, my favorite holiday of the year is only few weeks away and to everyone who’s still looking for special gifts no worries, I am here to help you guys! I know for a fact that Christmas shopping can be very exhausting, looking for that special gift for our loved ones is no joke as well as dealing with the crowd on Black Friday, trying to score the good deals just to save a few bucks is not fun at all, I’ve been there, done that! It’s not happening again!! So without any further ado here’s my version of unique gift ideas.

Buy them plane ticket/cruise package. I know some people can’t really afford this but if you have money or been saving why don’t you try to give them Holiday Vacation, send them somewhere where they never been! I’m more plane-tickets-over-diamonds kind of girl, if you know what I’m talking about here. I promise that you going to make them smile from ear to ear! You can thank me later!

Personalized photo album. I’ve actually done this before and it worked, nothing can beat to the effort that you put on your gifts, specially if y’all newlyweds, you can use all your engagement, wedding and travel photos to create that perfect personalized album.

Wine Rack. Ahhh, this is so perfect if your husband/wife is such a wine lover, I am not going to lie, I’m one of those people who drink one glass of wine almost everyday and I’m telling you, this going to make my heart jump if you give me one. Lol (I know, I’m exagerrating)

Massage Gift Certificate or bring them to your nearest spa. Since I moved here in the US it’s so rare for me now to go to massage salon bc it’s freakin’ expensive, I used to paying $5 for 1 hour back home haha so yes, I’d rather go to spa salon and have that “me time” so I know some of you probably will agree or,

go to @totally_chocolate bc they make Custom Chocolate, Logo in Chocolate and Corporate Holiday gifts. Yes, they definitely engrave your/their name on chocolate and since I am really a chocolate lover this is also perfect for me. “There’s no other chocolate company offers the same level of exquisite detail that they have perfected over decades bc they are custom chocolate perfectionists, right down to the smallest feature of your artwork” and don’t forget to check their page bc they do Frequent giveaways and since I’m a chocolate lover #forreal I can’t help myself to eat all of these, they taste so good too! I also added more unique gift ideas below and they’re all under $50.


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