Travel Diary: Sand and Waves

IMG_2284After we stay in San Jose for one night, the next day we flew going to Tamarindo. Tamarindo is just 30 mins away from San jose via plane or 4 hours via car and this place is known for pretty beaches and surfing. We found this hotel because of the help of TripAdvisor and I think this is the best beach front hotel we stayed in so far. I think once you stay here you’ll not ask for more since they have everything you need Continue reading

Travel Diary: Ola, San Jose Costa Rica

IMG_3067It’s been months and months when we last visit another country so few months back we went to Costa Rica for my birthday celebration and our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Costa Rica wasn’t actually our first choice but the Universe have a way of making everything possible when it seems impossible. Costa Rica is known for beautiful beaches, jungles (it reminds me of Jurassic Park) and good coffee. Those things just made the little travelerΒ  Continue reading


IMG_2012I know this is so gazillion late ’cause I celebrated my birthday few months ago but I am going to post this anyway. Shall we? πŸ˜‰ Few weeks before my birthday I already gave Keith hint how I wanted to celebrate my birthday (that’s what girls do right?haha) πŸ˜€ He left early, did some errands and when he got home he gave me a box of Harlow’s Donuts (My fav Donuts, more than Nutella Donuts of Krispy Creme lol) and a small balloon. “Where’s my Cake and balloons? I asked πŸ˜› Continue reading

Travel Diary: Natchez Mississippi

DSC_0490Few months back we went here looking for afternoon tea shop but we end up to their famous coffee shop downtown. Natchez Mississippi is almost 2 hours away from us if you’re going to drive it (and just for the record this was one of our spontaneous trips) Aside from visiting their famous coffee shop we also went to their museum, ate at Asian Restaurant, went to Monroe to go to my favorite clothing store and had wine & cheesecake and called it a night.Β  Continue reading

Print on Print

DSC_0474It took a while for me to figure out what I was going to wear the day when we went to Baton Rouge for my weekend off. I’m the kind of person when I have new clothes I am always excited to wear them and I usually hang them in front of my walk in closet so when I open the door of my closet they’re the first thing I’m going to see (I know it sounds weird but they put smile on my faceΒ haha) Since I just bought this skirt I grabbed it and paired it with my new blazer from Cato. This was my first time to wear something like this, to be honest, I was kinda hesitant because I was afraid Continue reading