Travel Diary: Bonjour New Orleans



Being in New Orleans is not new to me anymore but everytime I come back here I fall in love all over again, no wonder because this place have a lot of things to offer, good food, wild nightlife and the place itself. Some of the famous movies in Hollywood were shot here, I get crazy whenever I see them on television and I am always telling myself…”been there, saw that in person”. My! My! So before I get gaga again, let’s move on to my photos, shall we? 🙂

IMG_1310 IMG_1381 IMG_1358 IMG_1356 IMG_1376 IMG_1388 IMG_1320 IMG_1316 IMG_1405 IMG_1408IMG_1413IMG_1308IMG_1332IMG_1422IMG_1430IMG_1429IMG_1459

SheIn Romper|Forever21 Sandals|Kate&Alex Bag


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