How I got A Sweet Surprise from Pandora x #PANDORAStyle


I know some of you wondering how I got my sweet surprise from Pandora Company. But if you’re not familiar what I’m talking about here some little facts about them. Where do I start? They have store in 80 countries, 6 continents across the globe, all PANDORA jewelry is hand-finished, they have more than 800 Pandora charms to choose from (that’s a lot, isn’t it?) and PANDORA offers a full line of jewelry accessories. Now you know!!!

My love gave me my first Pandora bracelet on Valentines day and few days after that I bought my very first charm, posted it on twitter and I tagged Pandora. Later that day they sent me a private message asking for my address ’cause they’re going to send me something. I was really freaking out but at the same time I tried to control myself. Few weeks after, when I got home from work my other half gave me a big box and I was like “Haven’t order anything online lately, where is this came from“? I asked him. I looked at the shipping label and I started screaming like a mad man saying, “OMGG! FROM PANDORA!!! WHY? WHY ME?” Even though I don’t know what’s inside the big box yet. Lol (Keep reading if you want to know what’s inside the box) 🙂 I know this might sound weird but I was kinda teary-eyed. 😉

So there you go, how I got my sweet surprise from Pandora. 😉

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