Travel Diary: Texas State Capitol


Few months ago we explored Austin, Texas, this was actually another spontenous trip. But yup, this Travel diary from Austin Texas is so gazillion late. Anyway, when we arrived in Texas the first thing we did was walked in to their State Capitol. We were hesitant to do the tour because we don’t know how much is going to be but to my surprise it was free. So if your going to go visit Austin Texas don’t forget to see their State capitol, you will get a free tour. Who doesn’t like free anyway? 🙂

This capitol literally took my breath away. I was really amazed of the interior and exterior designs, they really gave so much effort building this beautiful piece. According to our tour guide this Texas State Capitol is the fourth building in Austin to serve as the Capitol. (Yes, fourth) The second Texas capitol was built in 1853, on the same site as the present capitol in Austin, she said it was destroyed in the great capitol fire of 1881. I got to see the Texas Senate Chamber, Portraits lining the rotunda, The Texas House of Representatives Chamber, Grand staircase and the Governor’s receiving area with their antiques collection (where the governor’s entertain President Obama everytime he visits) Yaaay!

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