IMG_2012I know this is so gazillion late ’cause I celebrated my birthday few months ago but I am going to post this anyway. Shall we? 😉 Few weeks before my birthday I already gave Keith hint how I wanted to celebrate my birthday (that’s what girls do right?haha) 😀 He left early, did some errands and when he got home he gave me a box of Harlow’s Donuts (My fav Donuts, more than Nutella Donuts of Krispy Creme lol) and a small balloon. “Where’s my Cake and balloons? I asked 😛 He laughed, “get dressed, we’re going somewhere special”—he said. I get dressed and gave him my where’s-my-cake-balloons-and-presents face 🙂 We drove to Stuart Lake and when we got there I was like, “Oooh, someone’s also celebrating their birthday” and to my surprised, it was my own birthday party. Like what I said on my Instagram Post, Thank you so much to my Mom-in-law for helping Keith to plan everything, the rest of the family, I am truly grateful and blessed to have everyone of you. To my friends who came and took time, I couldn’t be more thankful to celebrate my special day with you girls and to my other half, I know it was really hard for you to keep it secret but you nailed it so much! Thank for making this day ‘extra’ special for me. Just everything I wanted and so much more!!!

IMG_2004 IMG_2034 IMG_1987Birthday Ribbon from Mom-in-law

IMG_1990 IMG_1912Chewie also Celebrated his 1st birthday and we got him Sirloin Steak and Birthday Candles




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