Travel Diary: Ola, San Jose Costa Rica

IMG_3067It’s been months and months when we last visit another country so few months back we went to Costa Rica for my birthday celebration and our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Costa Rica wasn’t actually our first choice but the Universe have a way of making everything possible when it seems impossible. Costa Rica is known for beautiful beaches, jungles (it reminds me of Jurassic Park) and good coffee. Those things just made the little traveler inside of me really excited. Once I got out from the Airplane I took a deep breath and told myself “Oooh, feels like home” so that was another plus for me.

The first night in San Jose was nothing but full of adventures. We arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica late at night and after we check in to our hotel, I get dressed, asked the locals if where’s the best restaurant/bar in town and got our first Authentic Margaritas and Fish & Chips while we were listening to local band playing and singing Spanish song, acts like we know what was going on. 😉

IMG_2120 IMG_2054 IMG_2126 IMG_2130 IMG_2159 IMG_2173 IMG_2176 IMG_2178 IMG_2167 IMG_2182 IMG_2168 IMG_2183 IMG_2184 IMG_2169 IMG_2219 IMG_2220 IMG_2221 IMG_3053 IMG_3056 IMG_3055 IMG_3062 IMG_3058 IMG_3070 IMG_3072 IMG_3079 IMG_3071 IMG_3087 IMG_3089


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