Travel Diary: Sand and Waves

IMG_2284After we stay in San Jose for one night, the next day we flew going to Tamarindo. Tamarindo is just 30 mins away from San jose via plane or 4 hours via car and this place is known for pretty beaches and surfing. We found this hotel because of the help of TripAdvisor and I think this is the best beach front hotel we stayed in so far. I think once you stay here you’ll not ask for more since they have everything you need (but of course, they’re a bit pricey) Spa, gym, kids playground, souvenir shop, casino, swim up bar with tv’s, restaurant where you can see the sunset while drinking and people who offer tours and activities, those little things really matters in every beach front hotel and it really made me kilig a lot.

After we settled and got the key of our room we went straight at the beach, spent few hours there while waiting for sunset and knowing the beach is only few steps away from our room made everything so easy.

IMG_2242 IMG_2245 IMG_2256 IMG_2772 IMG_2257 IMG_2291 IMG_2288 IMG_2259 IMG_2352 IMG_2272 IMG_2356 IMG_2268 IMG_2695 IMG_2728 IMG_2355 IMG_2697 IMG_2718 IMG_2299 IMG_2295 IMG_2720 IMG_2726


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