Travel Diaries: Surfing 101 and In betweens

img_2737Finally, I can scratch this off on my bucket lists. Yaaay! I still can’t believed that we did this surf lesson before we flew back home. On our 3rd day in Playa Flamingo we wasn’t actually planning of doing anything but the resort offers a lot of activities and one of those is surfing 101. I was really really hesitant to do this ’cause I am afraid of big waves and I don’t know really how to swim (aside from doggy paddle)haha but the other half insisted so I tried and ahhhh, I fell in love with it, knowing I managed to stand up on that board for one solid time was just so fulfilling, I felt like I was wonder woman. 😀 After that surfing lesson I kept telling my other half I want to surf again and I wish we lived few steps away from the beach. 😉 Yup, surfing got me good!

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