Travel Diaries: Sailing with Dolphins

img_2552Costa Rica, it’s time to say goodbye. It was really great spending a few days to get to know you, for sure this won’t be the last. Yep, this is going to be my last travel diaries from our trip to Costa Rica (too soon and too good to end) of course, I save the best for last (ika nga) We booked this sailing session online and aaah, If we’re going back here we’ll definitely do this again.

Our sailing session started around 2 in the afternoon, we went snorkeling first then I got so excited when our Captain told us that we’re going to find Dolphins, when he saw my reaction he was like…”maybe, just maybe” Haha! I guess he don’t want me to be disappointed when they don’t show up. But everything worked out—few minutes after I saw 3 dolphins swimming with us, “OMGGG!!! Dolphins!!!!” I really shouted those words so loud. That moment, it was only me and the dolphins!!!

img_2444 img_2600 img_2612 img_2607 img_2606 img_2601 img_2498 img_2526 img_2462 img_2553 img_2572 img_2608 img_2629 img_2667 img_2848 img_2846 img_2614 img_2626 img_2905 img_2885 img_2906 img_3123

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