Travel Diaries: New York, New York

img_2337“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…” I am still in shock and can’t believe that we went to New York few months ago. I mean, this place is always been my dream city. I started dreaming going to New York right after I watched the New York minute movie of Olsen sisters. I got more gaga about New York when I started watching the Gossip girl TV series and I am beyond thankful that this dream of mine came true. It was Keith birthday week when we went here, he asked me if where I want to travel and without hesitation I said, NEW YORK!!! I spent my whole check and bough us plane ticket going to New York!haha I filed 4 days of PTO at work and when I got approved I literally did a happy dance.

After my 12 midnight shift, we drove to Dallas to catch our morning flight there and I don’t mind having 3 hours of sleep in the car because I was so hyped about New York. I had goosebumps actually when I saw from my little window the buildings of New York. We took Uber going to our hotel and we agreed not to waste any time so we just changed clothes and took off to explore my Dream City.img_2350

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