Hello loves! How’s the weekend? Can we restart it again? Honestly, I wasn’t ready!!! As If I don’t work on weekends, in fact I’ve been working 7 days straight now to my other job and I got 1 more day before I can chill and Netflix. Haha Coachella is around the corner and for those who’s going  you’re on the right page. I haven’t been to one but if someday (just maybe) this is the kind of outfit I would love to wear, well maybe I won’t last to this one. *Cough* I’m talking about this knee high booties! She killed me when I wore this few weeks ago anyway!!! But, with this outfit you can always wear flats or lace up sandals, trust me you can’t go wrong with those! I’m in love with the details of this bomber jacket I got from here. I mean, look at those patches, they’re so neat!!! Of course, I matched it with my denim shorts and embroidered blouse, ahhhh, I do have a thing for embroidery nowadays. You can also get a similar outfit below! Love, April 


Photos by: Michelle Preau Photography 

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