Hello, Everyone! Hello April! Where did March go? I know right, probably everyone’s on the same page about how time flies recently. Ha! Anyway, let’s go back to this post, shall we Maidmoiselles? Why/When I started blogging? Why I started a lifestyle/fashion blog? What do I get from it? These questions should be included in my FQs but I haven’t update that page yet so for now, I’m going to make a special post about my FQ’s section. I started blogging with tumblr when I was on my 2nd year in College, but something was missing, I wanted more than tumblr, I wanted my own website, my own domain. I was a full time student, there was no chance for me to have my own domain name ’cause of money issue. After tumblr I switched to wordpresss, I had ups and downs but I never stop from there, after being with wordpress for 2 years I decided to get my own domain name, but getting your own doesn’t also stop there, you have to customize it and make it look nice  for everybody so people will come back for more. Honestly, I don’t mind doing all of this, just like they said, “find a job you love and you’ll never work for the rest of your life”

Why Lifestyle, Fashion blog & Travel blog? My love for Fashion started after I graduated in College. This might sounds weird but when I was in College I used to wear plain t-shirt with jeans only, sometimes when I had nothing to wear I did skipped class (lol) So yeah, my love for Fashion started when I got a job in real estate as a secretary, just because I had to wear corporate attire all the time and told myself that I love dressing up, I know right, I’m a late bloomer! I also consider this blog as a Travel blog, since Keith & I always have a thirst for adventures. We’ve travelled a lot together and we want more! When Keith stayed in MNL, we were never home. We only go home when we had to change what’s inside our bags and repacked.

What do I get from it? Honestly, blogging makes me happy and seeing people clicking & visiting my posts gives me dopamine. Knowing they’re interested to what I wrote is just fulfilling. Words are not even enough to explain how I love blogging. Let’s put it this way, when you’re PM’s-ing you’re always pissed and irritated right? And you want chocolate, ice cream & etc. But once you had those things, it makes you okay, it makes you giggle & that’s what blogging does to me. I know, I don’t make sense. Lol

I know what you’re thinking, why am I wearing a robe here? Nope, this is not a robe, this is actually a coat from here. It’s crazy how Trends change a lot, why do Fashion change anyway? Probably as simple as the fact that people change. This is one of those days where designers decided to turn the sleepwear into robe or a coat. Lol Spring is all about flowers & blush, I wore it with my pastel skirt & my red ribbon top from Forever21. I’ll never get tired wearing this outfit, this is just so spring! My loafer came in time for this ensemble, aren’t they look cute? Some stranger message me on Instagram asking for the details of this loafers actually. I linked a similar outfit, I hope you love this as much as me. Love, April

Photos by: Michelle Preau Photography 

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