Hello, Everyone! Happy Monday! I started my week by going to the gym, I’m trying to get back on my track, I haven’t been serious about working out lately and I found out this morning that I gained 5 lbs, oooh this is not good! When I woke up earlier I put on my gym clothes and showed up to Keith’s office, told him right away that I wanted to go to the gym. He said I was eating crazy yesterday, oooh girls and our cravings, we crave, we pig out then regret it, It’s a never ending cycle. Before I get gaga with my weight again let’s talk about this outfit I wore during FQF. When Keith saw I was wearing pants he said I have to change my outfit. See, I have a husband at the same time a Fashion stylist. Haha! He even went to my closet to help me out what I should wear, it took me so long until I decided to wear this Floral dress I got last year. I wore this many times already but like they said, you never wear it unless you Instagram it. The back details of this outfit is the most I liked about but too bad my Photographer aka the husband forgot to take photos. I paired it with my Strappy buckled chunky heel sandals, this is actually on sale right now, under $15, together with my cute hat purse. What do you think? Let me know by leaving comments below and also you can check the similar outfit I created from shopstyle.




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