Hello, Everyone! How are y’all? Keith and I went to Florida 2 days ago and ahhh, it was amazing and short! I did never want it to end. We left early in the morning and got there 9am and spent the whole day tanning and swimming. Haha The last time we went to the beach was last year so imagine how excited how I was when I laid my eyes to the water. As of now, I am still hurting from swimming and having legs cramps! Ughhh! Not that I am complaining, we enjoyed it a lot and we’re talking about of going back again actually. This suit’s been sitting in my closet for almost a year now, I got this before I went back in the Philippines but I forgot to bring this, so when the other half agreed to drive to florida I put this on right away. Lol I love the leaves details of this suit, makes my baby fats not visible. Haha To make it short, this green one piece swimsuit saved my day from not working out lately. You can get this suit from here.

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