Hello Everyone! If you’ve been following me on my Instagram probably you already know that I’m in Mexico. We’re Celebrating my Birthday and our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. We promised that we’re going celebrate these every year. This year we came here in Mexico, we both haven’t been here so we’re both excited. Anyway, It’s starting to get really hot in Louisiana, like the humidity is super annoying. I’ve been living in the South for almost 3 years and it taught me how to dress smart to this kind of weather. All you need is this kind of top and you’re good to go y’all. I also love the tropical vibes of this top, I actually brought a lot of similar top like this with me bc I know for a fact that Cancun and Philippines have the same weather and I wasn’t wrong about that. When we got out from the Airport the weather started to get me but the beaches made it easy for us. Haha

Photos by: Michelle Preau Photography 

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