Hello Everyone! I’ve been home for few days now from Mexico and I’m missing the beaches, night life and Authentic tacos of Mexico already. This was my first time to travel in Mexico, especially in Cancun, like what I’ve said before we both haven’t been here so we were pretty excited. For today’s post I’m going to show you how to get everything cheaper while you’re having vacation in Mexico. I’ve done a research before on how expensive it is to live in Cancun especially to the hotel area and all of them said the same thing. I remember paying $60 for our dinner and paying $40 from Cancun Airport to our hotel while taking uber will only cost you $15. I hope this will help you on your next travel in Cancun Mexico.

 IMMIGRATION: When you arrived in Cancun you have to fill up their Immigration form and they’ll return this piece of paper, please keep that Paper bc you’ll need it when you leave the country, if you lost it you have to go to this certain booth and pay $30 but they’ll take it from you once you’re boarding. Keith lost his so he had to get one again. $30 is freaking a lot for a small piece of Paper. Please keep this in mind!      

TRANSPORTATION: When getting around in Cancun, you have 3 options to choose from, Uber, Taxis and Buses. Taking taxis from our Hotel costs 150 up to 250 Pesos ($12) or depends on the exchange rate. When it comes to Uber, it’ll cost you 120 up to 250 pesos, depends how far where you going and the traffic as well. Yes, Cancun has traffic just like any other cities. While taking a bus going to Town will only cost you 12 pesos or ¢70 dollars. Plus, taking buses is so much fun than taking any other mode of transportations. We didn’t know about this actually until we asked the concierge. But mind you, there’s no Buses going to the Airport from hotel are.

DINING: Eating sometimes can be pretty much tricky there, wherever you go people will always ask you to dine to their restaurants and trust me when I say it’s really annoying. When we got their it was almost midnight so we had no choice but to eat in our hotel, we were shocked by their prices, feels like you’re just in the US. For one dinner it costed us $60 plus tip. Yup, they also do tips there! When Keith was trying to get a cocktail drink from their bar, it was almost $20 for one glass. I know right! When we woke up the next day, we took a cab going to Town and had breakfast there! It’s so much cheaper going to town than paying $20 for buffet breakfast and you gotta try their Authentic Mexican Breakfast. We only paid 200 pesos ($12) for both of us and eating lunch is also the same.By the way, try their tacos. You can thank me later!

RENTING A CAR: Those $1 per day that you seeing in any travel websites are not true, those are scam. They have other fees that you need to get prior to renting the car so you’ll end up paying $150 per day. Plus they’re going to charge you a $350 after you purchased their insurance. After doing research we set aside the idea of renting a car. Like what I said, just take buses.

TOURS: Things to do in Cancun can be really expensive, you just have to find something how to make it cheaper. Never book a tour with your hotel, trust me, they’re going to charge you with ridiculous amount of money. The best thing to do is go to town and find the cheapest that they have or you can also go to, sometimes they offer big discount.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cancun weather is like Philippines, when we took a Taxi going to our hotel, the driver told us that they only have two kinds of weather, sunny days & rainy days, pretty much like back home. I already knew about this before we flew there, I made sure I brought all the things I needed during our stay there. The good thing about packing for a tropical country, you don’t have to pay for extra check in luggage, lights clothes are the best for this kind of vacation! I linked the exact dress of what I’m wearing on this post. You can find it below. I’ll also do a special post about packing tips for Tropical Country.

Photos by: Maricarmen Arcos

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