Hello Everyone! I’ve been keeping this for a long time and finally the time has come for me to introduce to you guys my latest favorite. I actually can’t believe I’m doing this because way back then I used to only dream this but Smile Brilliant made it possible for me. I know some point in our lives we wishes to have brilliant teeth. Some are blessed to have really white teeth but like others (including me) I do deal everyday with yellowing teeth. I’ve actually considered getting treatment before but the cost and knowing the fact that I have to go back to my dentist all the time are just some of the reasons why I did not do it. When Smile Brilliant offered me a collaboration without any further discussion I said YES right away because I know for a fact that I’m in good hands. With Smile Brilliant they produce their custom-fitted whitening trays right here in the US for 70% less than your dentist and like they said, 3x to 5x faster. Their team is made up of dental professionals with more than 3 decades of teeth whitening experience.
I’m pretty excited to share my experience with you guys, from getting the kit and doing my impressions, the process and before & after photo.

MAKING YOUR OWN IMPRESSION: When I had to do this I asked Keith to help me because I was worried that I won’t be able to get it right. Getting your impressions can be pretty much tricky, you really have to be extra careful when doing this but no worries they’ll give you extra putty just in case you missed the first one. They’ll also give you detailed instruction guide so don’t panic.

PROCESS: Once you received your custom-fitted trays you’re good to go honey. You won’t be having a problem during the process. All you have to do is follow the guide, make sure you’re doing it right though for a better result. During the process of your whitening teeth you going to feel some tooth sensitivity but that’s normal, like the instruction guide said, simply reduce your whitening time or skip a day.

RESULT: When I got my tray I was super excited because I’ve seen good reviews online and also I can’t wait to experience it. In my case, after using it for only few days I already started seeing result. Even Keith (my husband) noticed it when I was talking to him. I had to skip for few days because I went on vacation and went back on it again, the result was even more amazing. Check my before & after photo below and you guys tell me what you think, I’m telling you now, you have to try them for yourself and you can thank me later.
COMPANY: My entire experience to this company was more than I imagined. This was my first time
using whitening teeth product and they met my expectations. I wasn’t a coffee drinker but lately I’ve
been relying on coffee every time I have to stay up late just to finish writing blog posts and it really does give me yellowish teeth, thanks to Smile Brilliant I don’t have to worry about strain anymore.


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I know right, I got you all excited with this, well good news you guys, you can get the same result by joining my giveaway with Smile Brilliant that’s worth $139! This giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada & Australia. All you have to do is submit your name and email address, winner will be contacted after 2 weeks.


You can also use my code “APRILDILAO” for 10% off when you purchase your own kit. Guys, I’m telling you now this is really such a good idea knowing you have to spend almost $1000 when you get these to your dentist. Let me know guys what you think by leaving comments below! I’m excited for you to try this! April xo

Thank you Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. All opinions and styling are all my own. 


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