Hello Everyone! I can’t fathom the fact that it’s Friday again, I feel like everything is going fast nowadays. If we can only make the time slow down but no, that’s not an option, so you guys always make sure wherever you’re right now, good or bad, always make the most out of it bc we can’t never bring back those moments that we missed. Ha! I really have no idea where these words coming from. Lol Anyway most bloggers are already updating & talking about their fall wardrobe because they’re so over with the heat but here I am, going to talk how I’m loving this season and so all the summer outfits.

I grew up in a tropical country so I’m really used to this kind of weather, and you guys, this heat is nothing to what we back home! I’m super loving this summer, sweat, longer days shorter nights, beaches, pretty much laid-back. Besides, nothing can compare to joy of being able to eat outside and grill with your family and don’t forget the fact that summer clothes are so much easier to pack that’s why when I saw this outfit I put it right away to my shopping bag I mean seriously, how cute this outfit is? Those sunflowers details got me good. Co-ords are fool-proof no-brainers! Such easy and hassle-free outfit. I bought this just in time for our vacation in Cancun Mexico and trust me this outfit was perfect for our Caribbean vacation! Diff will stock more of this in my closet. The exact coords is already sold out but I linked some similar outfit. Hope you’ll like em! April xo



Photos by: Maricarmen Arcos 

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