Hello Everyone! Some of you asked me on my previous post if what I did to lose weight, what I eat and what’s my workout routine. I am no expert when it comes to this and everything what I’m going to say to this blog post is based on my experienced. As a child I was already overweight, I remember my Mom showed a photo of me with all the empty cans of milk I drunk when I was a kid. Haha (I had no idea why Mom did that) Lol But anyway I lost all those weight when I was in Elementary school since I was active in sports. When I started College it came back again, the discovery of food, friends, bars & going out until the sun comes out. I did not care at all because I was having fun. It came to a point where I had to get clothes in plus size section, people used to call me “Pig” and it did not stop there, after I graduated in College I started gaining more weight, I got a job where I had to sit all day with paperwork on my desk, when my shift’s over my co workers & I used to go out every night to party & eat—#Yolo like they said.

Until I met K (my husband) he was the one who taught me how live a healthy lifestyle then I realized we only get to have this body once, we should take care of it. That being said here’s the list of the things I did to lose those 45lbs.

  • Find Motivation. I do get lazy when its time for me to workout and some feels the same too, so for me to get motivated and achieve my goal, I always remind myself why I need to do this, why I need to be a better version of myself. The clearer you can be about your reasoning, the more motivated you will be.
  • Cardio. If you want to lose fat you have to do cardio as much as you can. I told you guys before that I really can’t run 5 minutes without almost running out of breath or dying, but K told me I need to push myself to do more so I did, those 5 minutes became 15,20,30 minutes up to 1 hour with 6 minutes average pace per km. I’m actually still can’t believe that I can run long without stopping, practice makes it perfect, perhaps? (well, nearly perfect)lol I do run 3 times a week or more than that.
  •  Count your Calories. You can use an app on your phone or computer. There’s a free Calorie Counter App like MyFitnessPal. This app tells me if how much calories per day I should eat and also I can see how much sugar, carbs and sodium I intake, so you can pretty much see if you’re eating healthy. You can also connect this with runkeeper.
  • No rice diet. Back home I used to eat rice 3 x a day, some eats more than that. Rice is carbs and carbs turn to sugar if you don’t burn them enough. Cutting back rice was really hard for me for the first week of my weight loss diet, I felt like I was always hungry even I just ate.
  • Eat only when Hungry. I used to eat half dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts in one day just because I was bored, Keith can attest to this. Learn to listen to your body and what it needs.
  • Learn how to say No when you’re craving. They said Food cravings can be broken in 21 days. You have to stop eating unhealthy food for three weeks completely to break that craving.
  • Cheat Day. Of course, when you work hard you also have to reward yourself, in my case I do set a cheat day on my weight loss diet. I do it every Sundays and also its my rest day from my work out but sometimes I can’t help to eat trashy food so what I do, I double my work out for me not feel guilty.
  • No pain, No gain. I always tell myself “I’m busy right now, I don’t have time to hit the gym” but at the end of the day I do regret for not going. And after few days of not being active and when I stop working out for a few weeks I always feel weak when I get back to my gym routine and I really hate this feeling. So get your a$$ out there and work it out girl.

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Photos by: Michelle Preau Photography 

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