Mixing and matching fashion has never been easier and sometimes it can be pretty scary or maybe just for me. By doing this you’re making the most out of your clothes plus you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve striking statement. But sometimes I do get afraid by putting everything together, I’m worried that it’ll be a messy outfit but not this one though, I wore this when we went to Cancun Mexico 2 months ago, when I made this ensemble I actually did not think it’ll look good, the only reason why I used this black short was to cover myself (you’ll see what I’ talking about here below) after my photographer sent me all the photos I was pretty much surprised how it turned out good!

You really don’t have to stress yourself out when you’re trying to find something to match your top or bottom, either one! Never be afraid to try new color combo bc that’s what fashion is all about. Whenever I tried an outfit that’s really a win win for me it really does brighten up my day! You’ll never know if they’ll look good until you put ’em on and remember, confidence is the key to rock that outfit. Go honey, let’s play mix & match, I’ll support you all the way! April xoxo


Photos by: Maricarmen Arcos


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