How’s your weekend y’all? I know right, it seems like it was just yesterday when welcomed Monday, it was really super fast week! I’ve been trying to write a new blog post but I’m really out of words right now! Maybe bc I’m sick and all I want to do is sleep. If you have any suggestions on how get rid of flu aside from taking medicine let me know! Btw, this is going to be a personal post and I kinda miss doing this so let’s bring back the old days folks! I’ll try my very best to give justice to this post, shall we? Life has been nothing but amazing & busy of course, I haven’t post any updates of our lives so here ya go. Enjoy reading loves!

NEW HOUSE: I think I already mentioned here on my blog that Keith & I bought a house here in Covington, living in Covington wasn’t actually in our plan, when we got approved for a house loan, the first thing on our list was Metaire or New Orleans since Keith lived there for years & he loved it! not on my case though, don’t get me wrong, I do love Nola, as much as possible we want to go there during my off days & just walk around but at the same time I want a quiet night life, I think Nola is too much chaos for me & our agent told us why don’t we try to look houses in Mandeville or Covington and viola, we found our first house. Yes, first, I think we’re not ready to settle down yet.


NEW JOB: Keith got a job as a security Supervisor in Tulane University. I can say that he really deserve that position, he’s always been a hard working man. In a few weeks he’ll be finish with his school. He can’t still decided if he should go for a Master or not but nevertheless, I’m super happy for him and I’m always been a fan of his hard work.

NEW FRIEND: I found a new Filipina friend. I moved here in the US 3 years ago & trust me when I say it wasn’t easy for me to find friends. Keith asked many times to go to Franco’s to attend classes so I can find friends but I’m the kind of person who’s always shy to talk to other people, I’m trying to overcome that and I’m still working on it. I met a lot of Filipino here but we just don’t really hangout since they live too faraway from me, we have different schedules and finally I found Yehleen who lives few blocks away from me plus we have the same passion. (Hello Yehleen if you reading this)

BLOG: I do give more time now to my blogging life. At first I was only doing this because I love sharing my thoughts & ideas to other people but I can’t believe that I also can make money from this. I’m actually planning to quit my other job and just focus here since I do get income here but not enough to support my closet. Lol Maybe soon!

BEING A HOUSEWIFE & FURRY MOM: Oh I love being a furry Mom, as much as possible I want to take my furry babies everyday to the dog park, I also met a lot of people going to the dog park and at the same time I get to wear off their energy. Lol And also I already mentioned to Keith that I want to be a full time housewife since I want to focus more on my blog and he said I can’t do that bc I’m so high maintenance which is kinda true! Haha

HAVING A BABY: A lot of my friends and even families asked me a countless time if when are we going to have our first baby, Keith & I already talked about this and we decided we’re not doing it, yet or maybe not at all. We still have a long list that we need to do before we add another member in our family & we’re working on it besides I’m just 24 and he’s on his way to being 33 so yeah we still have so much time, we want to make the most out of just the of us, for now!

MY FAMILY COMING IN THE USA: I’m trying to get my family to come over here just for vacation, specially my dad. He really wants to go here in the US and see what it feels like to live here, pray for us that they’ll get approved with visas! I’ll let you know guys once we got everything together! I’m really hoping this year, but we’ll see.

Photos by: Michelle Preau




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