Hello Everyone! How’s your day going? This crazy weather is making me lazy, not helping me at all with all the things I have to do and tomorrow I’m going to New Orleans for my new project so I’m hoping this crazy weather will stop soon! Remember when I mentioned here that I wish I can be a full time blogger, well, it’s happening now! I just gave my 2 weeks notice to my employer, I was kinda touched actually when they told me that I can just put on leave instead of me quitting so there’s always a position waiting for me whenever I decide to come back with them, that being said makes me don’t want to leave anymore. Lol I’m nervous bc I’ll be self employed now, I have to do all the hard work and such! I still can’t fathom the fact that it’s happening, I wasn’t actually planning doing this sooner but K said, why do it now and besides I missed so much opportunity and events bc of my other job! Plus I have more time for Keith and being a furry Mom. Keith has a different schedule so we really don’t get to see each other. When he leaves early for work I’m usually sleeping then when he gets home I’m at work! Me doing this I get more time to take care of them so yup, I hope you guys will support me with this new journey of my life.

I feel so thankful with y’all, you guys are so sweet and thank you for always reading my post. I get so “kilig” whenever people tells me that they do visit my blog and I’m their inspiration. I do read all your messages and I’m loving them so please, keep them coming! Ahh, I can’t even put into words how thankful I am to have you guys. I know, I’m nothing compare to those big/famous bloggers but knowing there still people out there who keeps going back to my blog for more and knowing the fact that you guys appreciates what I do it makes me want to do more and go beyond! So here’s another outfit post for you guys.


Photos by: Michelle Preau



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