I’ve lived in the Philippines for almost 23 years and trust me when I say they’re everywhere back home, I grew up being judge all the time by neighbors, co workers, classmates and someone who’m I just met even when I was just buying something from the store. Let me share this short story I experienced way back then; I was trying to get something for my lunch and this guy said something to a girl that made the girl say “No, she’s fat” she was referring to me. The girl was pretty confident mocking me bc she thought I won’t be able to understand them, they were using a different dialect but duh! I grew up in Bicol so I can understand that they were bashing me and knowing the fact that I was in front of them annoyed me so much! I was actually going to say something but I decided to keep my mouth shut, it’s not going to do anything good if I did argue with them anyway!

Back home if you wear something nice people will tell you, “doesn’t suit you, “you’re fat”the color is not for you” “you gained weight” and so on and so forth. It’s freaking annoying guys, It never ends, they do have this “crab mentality” thingyy. A lot of Filipino just really don’t like it when other people are doing good with their lives and successful—they always find a way to bring you down. I’m not only talking about Filipinos, probably there’s always someone out there, any part of the world who do the same thing. We don’t need these people in our lives so cut them off!

Since I experienced this things a lot here’s a short list that will help you to remove negative people in your system, trust me they can be harmful to your state of mind and your sense of self.


LESS FRIENDS, LESS BULLS***!! Ohh, I can pretty much attest to this, the less your acquittances the less drama and bulls*** you need to deal with. Specially nowadays it’s so hard to find someone who’s true to you. Actually this happened to me few weeks ago and I just stop talking to them, it’s not healthy when you’re trying to be positive but all you hear is the opposite one. You have to start restricting your contact to the negative people in your life and I promise you everything will be so much better and don’t be sorry for them.

ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES I do this all the time by the way, when I don’t like the person as much as possible I want to avoid them, bc I know that they’re going to say something that is not going to do anything good, it just going to ruin my day. I’d rather go shopping alone than hangout with negative people. The fact is we do need relationship but like they say, you don’t need every relationship. Learn to surround yourself with good people who’s not going to bring you down and willing to support you with your decision in life.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” Having positive people in life brings the best out of us. They’re the one who believes in your capabilities and such! I wasn’t actually planning to be a social manager sooner but K told me I’ll never know unless I try and so I did—I’m loving it actually and like what I’ve said on my previous post, probably one of my biggest decisions in life so far. You see, I won’t be able to do this without my other half. We all want to create a good relationship that empower, inspire, nurture and love each other as well. The universe can use anyone and everyone to help us become our best selves.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE You don’t need approval from anyone else, do what makes you happy even if they’re going to say something—they always has something to say anyway so it doesn’t matter. Enjoying the things you love makes you to feel positive, happy and joyful. When we do things that feel good and that bring us happiness, we disengage negativity.

“Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from the negativity” Please comment below, I would love to hear them, like always! April xoxo

Photos by: Michelle Preau


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