Hello Everyone! Ahhh, life has been crazy busy lately, I hosted a party yesterday, lots of my friends came over and I did not really expect that, good food and meaningful conversation, y’all can’t really beat that and knowing the fact I managed to cooked so much Filipino food was fulfilling, I was kinda nervous but hey, they loved it or maybe they were just being nice! Lol Anyway, yesterday was my first day of being self-employed, It haven’t sunk in yet actually that I am really doing this thing full time, still trying to contemplate everything but nevertheless I am grateful and thankful for everything and next week I have event that I am going to attend to and pretty much excited, I actually can’t wait to tell you guys about it so for now here’s the my top reasons why I’m taking this blogging life to another level.


Back in high school, a teacher asked us to write a long paragraph of “WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 10 YEARS?” I think I put that I wanted to be a teacher and obviously that wasn’t true” I lied to my teacher! Lol (Hoping she don’t read my blog) Haha After Keith  and I got married he asked me that again, and my answer was “Well, I want to be a Executive Secretary” which I was back home. I got that job after I graduated in College and honeslty I did not mind doing paperwork and such! When I moved here in the US I lost IT again, I was trying to figure out what I want to do, what kind of job should applied for. That was also the time where I blog just to kill time. Then whenever K & I travelled somewhere I always have this mind set that I have to take photos of everything so I can share it to my friends, family & now readers. Before I did not know that some people out there do this for a living, I really thought blogging was just for people who love to share the lesson they learned, thoughts and experiences. I don’t consider this as a job, because I don’t mind staying up late, spending hours in front of my office desk and of course dressing up, words can’t even explain how! Like they say,“Find a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”and viola!! here I am and can’t believe that I found it. It took me years to figure out what I really want to do with my career, I had to go back n forth but little did I know, it was in front of me the whole time, I wasn’t just taking it seriously.


You Have To Forget The ‘Shoulds’ In Life If You Want To Be Happy

I’m kinda scared with the decision I made but knowing the fact that my friends supports me with this, it makes everything so much easier and better for me. I’ve been trying to make this “fetch” (lol) happen for a long time and finally, I’m doing it!!! So you guys if any of you out there are facing the same thing I think you should go for it. Don’t live in the world of  “shoulds” and “have to”s in life, because one day you going to look back and ask yourself: “What if I’d followed my dreams?”


When I took this blogging life seriously last year I started getting more collaborations, sponsorships and more invites to an events. Since I was working full time for another company before I missed so much events that I can’t even count. I had to say no every time they invited me that doesn’t fall to my off days, I had to schedule my photoshoot during my off days bc I can’t do it if I had to work after that. “You just got home from work, and now you’re working again” K told me that before when I had to stay up late and finish one blog post for my collaboration plus I don’t have time to interact with my audience bc of my busy schedule, I can say that blogging requires A LOT of time and effort and I can’t do that if I have 2 jobs!

More Time For My Little Family 

Since I’m self-employed now, I have more time for Keith’s & Chewie (as a furry Mom) I used to cooked all the time, we rarely go out to eat before until I got my first job here in the US. I remember K telling me that I don’t cook much anymore since I was too busy working full time for another company, I only had 2 days off every week and I usually missed family/event gatherings bc I had to be at work, and those 2 days was for me doing house chores and errands. It’s crazy how K & I live in the same house but we don’t really got to see each other bc of our different schedule, when I get home from work he’s usually sleeping, when he wakes up to go to work I’m sleeping then when gets home I’m at work! We only get to see each other during my off days. This was not ok with me. I felt like I wasn’t doing my duty as a wife, bc when I do something, I really do it 100% or not at all. So I had to make a decision and besides I couldn’t imagine giving up all my passions to make room for a job where I’d be miserable.


Photos by: Yehleen Photography 

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