How is life in the US for foreigners?


Hello Everyone! How’s your weekdays going so far? I know it’s almost Friday again! As the time goes by I feel like days are getting shorter & shorter, probably everyone thinks the same! Anyway for today’s post I’ll be kinda different from my previous posts since I usually get this question a lot, How is life in the US for foreigner? All the things I mentioned below is based on my experienced, so yup, If you’re interest with what I’m going to say just keep reading this post. To everyone who don’t know yet, I’ve been living here in the US for almost 3 years and I can’t still fathom the fact that I am actually here, with my other half and chasing my dreams! I used to only see some of the iconic places here in the US on Telivision and now—I’m actually living in it! Way back then I used to asked people who actually been here if how’s USA look like? Does it look like all the American movies? College students really do party like in the Movies? So on and so forth! I did think that all the places here in North America will be all look like New York City & all the people live in Suburb since that’s what I saw in the movies but I was wrong, really wrong! Movies kinda killed the reality for me! Lol So without any further ado, here’s a few things I realized how’s like to live in the US for 3 years. 



  • Let’s start with the food, lol! The food portion here is enormous! You might find it shocking bc I did too! When I first got here in the US my other half brought me to this BBQ place in Dallas TX and when he gave me my plate I really did thought we’re going to share food since as far as I can remember it can actually serve up to 3 people the plate he gave me! And asking for a box is a thing when you can’t finish your food, but back home doing that is kinda embarrassing or maybe it’s just me! Also food here is all artificial, unless you’re willing to pay more! The chicken that you get in any supermarkets has chemicals, I can actually pretty much taste it! When I found out about this, I told Keith that I’m getting organic food from now on, it’s more expensive doing that but trust me, it’s worth it! It’s weird for me when I see people carrying a huge cup (like 1 liter of drink can fit in it) I think that’s one of the reasons why so many obese people here. Fun fact; it’s easier to find coke here actually than water!
  • When someone tells you “how are you”? “How’s your day going”? in the elevator, mall or wherever you are, you really don’t have to answer, it’s just their way saying Hi & Hello, just like “kumusta ka”? back home! On my first week here in the US I found it crazy when people waved at me, open the door for me & smile bc people back home don’t really do that, little did I know, Americans are just so friendly, depending on where you are in the country though! Don’t be surprise if someone’s trying to make a conversation.
  • Americans love their own personal space, when you’re talking to someone you have to maintain some distance, never ask them with their personal issues, same thing to you. If they want to share it they will! Also what I learned never ever talk to someone about politics, never!
  • You’ll be shock the amount of American flags here, they’re very patriotic about their country as they should be.
  • People here find it VERY rude whenever you ask/borrow money, that’s why they rather use their credit cards than ask someone for help.
  • Tipping here in the US is a thing. YOU’RE expected to tip here from 10% to 20% depending on the service you get, bc if you don’t leave tip you’re consider as a rude person! Whether you’re in restaurant, bars, everywhere as long as someone’s serving you. I found out that waitresses rely primarily on tips to earn a living not on minimum wage!
  • America is big, you’ll find yourself in the car for few hours still nothing to see, the U.S. is one massive country, not only is it gigantic, but it is diverse. I think that’s also one of the reasons why some people in this country don’t even bother to visit another country just because they already everything! Most American don’t really have passports, they also believe that  traveling is for the rich folks, I remember someone asked me “how I can afford to travel?” Doing some research will tell you that traveling can be really cheap.
  • A lot of things go to waste, especially food. It crazy to think the amount of food being thrown away here everyday, every time I see food being wasted, it’s always makes me think of my  country, knowing the fact that many people don’t even eat 3x a day really disheartend me. Eating in McDonalds here or anywhere in fast-food restaurant is the way of saying “Oh, I don’t want to cook tonight, let’s just eat somewhere.” But back home, going somewhere like McDonalds is already a luxury, only few people can afford to eat there. It makes me so mad whenever people here complain of what they have, they don’t think about how it’s like to live in a second or third world country. I’m not talking about all, just some. 
  • Insurance everywhere. Trust me when I say the amount of insurance you pay here is ridiculous, car, house, health, dental, the list goes one! Paying lots of money to your car insurance/health whatever kind of insurance you have then still having to write a check after receiving care sounds pretty sketchy, right? What are you paying money for every month? I used to ask that to K whenever I found that out, it’s just crazy how the insurance works here! It’s crazy to think that back home I used to pay $5 to visit a doctor and get the same amount of care same thing with Dental.
  • Outside of big cities, everyone has a car. My mom told me before that Americans change car as if they’re only changing clothes which is I totally agree with that, unless you’re in a big City like New York, you don’t have to worry about paying your car note & insurance just bc they have public transporation! But if you’re in a small city everybody owns at least one car and uses it for the smallest distances. It’s like people forgot how to walk.

Y’all this is kinda long list but let me know if I missed something (probably did) and if y’all agree with this. April xoxo


Photos by: Yeehleen Photography 

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