Happy Monday y’all! How’s your day going? Ahh, I’m really trying hard to be productive this week, all I did for the past few days was binged on Netflix & Wine! I know, I feel so guilty for doing those! So today, I just got done working out and trust me, I was struggling! I was planning of doing 5k of sprint today but I only did half of that, I really have to get  back on my track! I’m not going to lie, I’ve been ditching the idea of going to the gym for the past few weeks just because I was being lazy and lately I feel so ugly so here we go, told my dear self that I am not doing it again. Ever! I know for a fact that  it’s hard to be motivated all the time. No matter how long your list are there will be a time where you just wanna lay down, trust me when I say you’re not alone with this, you got me! Lol (ya know, just to make yourself feel better haha) There will be a time where you don’t wanna finish your errands for the day, there will be a time where you don’t want to write a blog post just bc it’s not due tomorrow yet and the list goes on! So for today’s post I am going share my short list on how I motivate myself when I feel like not doing anything.


Make a to-do-list. Whenever I have a long day the next morning, I usually write down all things I need to do during the night and put em on the fridge or setting up a digital calendar that everyone on the work team can access, when I actually do this K help me to accomplish those things haha. Plus, making a written list can help us remember important information, for example; take the trash out bc tomorrow is the pick up day or mow the front/back yard haha I really do this things bc I’m forgetful and you’ll feel encouraged as you cross off items. I know the feeling!!

Wake up early and run. I know it sounds crazy but for me to be able accomplish  things I have to run first, I usually wake up early in the morning (bc I’m always been a morning person) and do my 5k run. I don’t know why but running really does help me to get through the day, I’m energized and uplifted the entire day after running. I know, anything is hard in the beginning specially if you’re not a morning person but waking up early give you more time to get things done.

Grab a cup of coffee. I wasn’t really a coffee drinker before but lately I’ve been relying on caffeine to get everything done and it really does work for me. Try it and you’ll be surprise what caffeine can do! Lol

Dress up. I’ve been working at home for almost a month now and trying to stay focus is a struggle, there was a time I stopped what I was doing and turned on the Television just bc I felt at home that’s why sometimes I go to a coffee shop for a change, so for me to be able cross off those things on my list whenever I’m at home I do dress up, bc I  do feel like I can get more things done when I’m putting my best foot forward.

Always remind yourself. Whenever I’m feeling a little “off” when it comes to scratching things on my to-do-lists I do remind myself why I need to do this & that and what’s the consequences if I don’t. Like, I often ask my dear self why I have to workout and be active, bc I want to be the best version of myself and I don’t want to gain weight AGAIN, knowing these things really makes me more motivated bc I’m afraid about the outcome if I don’t take action.  The more clearer what your goals are the more motivated you’ll be.

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