Holidays are almost here again, I know, I can’t believe that too, seems like it was just yesterday when we welcomed New Year and I think I already mentioned that here before and there ya go I said it again. When I was a kid I get so excited whenever the months ends with “ber”. If y’all don’t know back home has the longest Christmas ever, I grew up seeing my Mom put up her Christmas Tree on the 1st day of September, I actually wanted to do the same thing but K always said No, “but that’s how we celebrate Christmas” I told that to Keith and his answer was always “well dear, you’re in America now” Lol Anyway, one of the reasons why I always look forward on Christmas Day bc of all the material gifts, (ain’t going to deny that lol) but that’s not the case anymore, whenever K asks if what I want I always tell him, I don’t care, because I’m a firm believer now that’s “it’s not the gift, it’s the thought that counts” So if y’all looking for unique gift ideas, either it’s their birthday, christmas, anniversary & any special occasions try greetabl.

They really do have the cutest way of sending love. I love how you can personalize this with your own message, photos and gift! I’m super obsessed with this champagne gummy bears they sent me or go to www.greetabl.com to find out more!

Thank you Greetabl for sponsoring this post, all opinions and styling are my own

Photos by: Yehleen Photography

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