How’s like to be married in 20’s?… I do get this question a lot and recently one of my friends talked about this so why not share ’em with you guys as well. They said marriage is so much better when you wait until your 30’s and honestly I never thought I would get married young. My plan before was actually to get married around 27 just like my Mother or on my 30’s. But trust me when I say, when you meet the right person you want to marry, there’s no point of waiting at all. People used to tell me when I got engaged I’ll be missing out some of the fun part of my life since I was getting married on my 20’s “Oh you’ll be dowdy sooner than later bc you getting married at such a young age” I was like, “seriously people?”. Let me tell you this, it doesn’t really matter what age you marry at, either young or old—if you’ve found the person you love and you’re ready to completely share your life with them, I’m not trying to say here don’t finish your school and just because you love each other you should put a ring on it nor getting married on such a young age is so much better when your older fyi

I got married 3 years after I graduated in College by the way. I met K when I was 22 years old when he went to MNL for his business trip, he was 28 years old and we’re kind of a fast couple. Fun fact: I met him 3 days before he flew back here in the States and after being LDR for a month he told me he was going back in MNL to stay 6 months and after that he went back here in the States and petitioned me—we got married the next year! After we got married I couldn’t say the word husband actually for the first few days, it was really odd, sometimes I even said “my boyfriend “ohh no, he’s my husband” and K did the same thing as far as I can remember. Lol—without any further yada yada here’s my answer(s) to what’s like to be married in your 20’s.


You have a cheerleader, 24/7. I’m almost half way to being on my 20’s and I’m still trying to reach out my professional and academic goals, still can’t decide if should I go back to school actually, trust me, 20’s can be very stressful but having K by my side during this scenario being always indecisive makes my life easier and successful in many ways. It’s really nice to have a cheerleader all the time.

You grow together. You’re going to learn that it’s not always about yourself, you going to let go of those selfish habits, it’s not always about where you want to go, what you want to eat and what you want to see, is all about compromising, you’d learn to involve another person and that is your other half, the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

More memories to share with. Either it’s good or bad times and while you’re young you can share this and enjoy that life has to offer with your closest friend and more memories to look back on, some of you might say “20’s is all about being YOLO” But wouldn’t it be nicer to think and share all these experiences with someone you will (hopefully) still be with 60-70 years (till death do us part) down the line?

You get to see the world together. Someone told me before when I got engaged that life will be over soon for me since I got hitched on my 20’s—your ambitions and dreams don’t stop right there just because you got married in . We experienced so much firsts on our young age, like, K took his first scuba diving class and I was there to support him and he showed me all the places that I used to only dreamed. I love how we can achieve our goals as individuals, as well as a couple, see new places and discover things that we both have not experienced before.

You work hard together. After K & I got married we have a long goals we want to achieve and we’re still working on those, we wasn’t expecting of owning a house very soon actually but because we do have each other it’s easier to achieve those things bc we’ve made the ultimate commitment and so you work as a unit. Like they say, married person work harder and smarter—your priorities change when you’re no longer only looking out for yourself.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes! These are all so true! I was married in my 20s as well and don’t regret it for a moment. This is a fabulous post. (And I just love your outfit – those heels are to die for!)


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