Hello Everyone! The weather here on the south is getting out of control, can we just have a normal fall weather just like any other states up North? Is that too much to ask? Since I moved here in Louisiana haven’t experience real Fall, we usually get nice weather AFTER it rains which is so annoying! I’m kinda jealous to all the people who’s living up North since their Fall weather already started but it feels like Summer here on the South, I guess we have to Move to New York soon! Lol I was actually planning of shooting Fall outfits but I don’t think I can do it, it’s just too hot to be outside! I was complaining about it to K the other day and he was like I just don’t know what I want, whenever it’s too hot I want it cold but when it’s too cold I want summer which is kinda true (and I know for a fact that some of you are doing the same thing lol) So anyway for this blog post going to show you how I dress up when I’m just being lazy.

As a fashion/lifestyle blogger there’s a time where I feel lazy dressing up and where I just don’t want to put make up on, sometimes I do prefer sweatpants & simple shirt over dress. When I don’t have shoots you usually going to see me on my normal clothes, trust me & my friends can even attest to this. Fun fact: when I was in College I used to skip Wednesday classes because that was our wash day, bc I didn’t know what to wear. Lol (don’t do that kids) haha so here’s one of my fall lazy outfit ideas.





Photos by: Yehleen Photography

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