Hello Everyone! How’s your weekend so far? I’m pretty much proud of myself for the past few days bc I wasn’t procrastinating but trust me when I say, my long to-do list is not even half way, still have so much things to do! Despite of my crazy schedule I still find time to go to the gym everyday which is so rare for me to do something like that. I missed the feeling of being sore from working out—I even asked K to help me to get out of my car bc I can’t move my legs, that’s how sore I was, I’m not complaining though. Also I binged myself after my work hours over this TV show I found on hulu called #Younger, I pretty much finished the whole tv show within 24hrs, from season 1 to season 3 lol (please don’t judge me haha) y’all should watch it and see what I’m talking about. I told K about it and he was like “ooh lawd” Haha So anyway before I get gaga over here let’s talk about this dress I got from galvan london.

I’m always been a firm believer of you can’t go wrong with red. My love for this color started when I was in high school, I remember everytime I went to this certain nail shop back home I always picked the red color, actually they don’t have to ask me which color I want bc they already knew! Haha There’s something about red that makes want to wear them all year! Since then, red is always been my statement color, my best friend can even attest to this! I also love the back details of this dress, simple yet so elegant. What a perfect dress for date night! So what y’all think? I linked the exact one below! Let me know by leaving comments below! April xx



Photos by: Yehleen Photography 


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