Hello Everyone! How’s your Halloween guys? Ours was everything I Imagined and so much more, it was our first time giving away candies since we moved in to our new house, last year we did not get a chance bc we were both working, so this year I made sure we got to do it and it happened. I love their reaction whenever I handed them full bars chocolates, “Oh, I love this place” “my brother is going to love you so much” just some of the things they told me when I was giving away candies. Hahaha and now I have to keep up with it every year and they’re going to remember me as the “Asian lady” who give away full bars chocolate on Halloween! Can’t get any better than that! Lol Anyway, I can’t fathom the fact that it’s already November, I guess it’s safe to play Christmas songs now but I still haven’t convince Chandler about me start decorating for Christmas, he just told me few days ago if I wan’t to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving I have to go back in Philippines and do it there! (I know right, he’s so mean to me!) hahaha just kidding y’all! I’m talking rubbish again! Woot!

I already posted this outfit on Instagram and promised y’all I’ll post all the deets here but something came up again, (sorry about that) but without any further ado, let’s talk about this blazer dress. I’ve been always a fan of this dress, there’s something about it that makes you look so #girlboss and who doesn’t like that statement after all? I love the very light fabric material that they used here, this super girl boss look can be worn from your office hours to your date night cocktails. You can also wear it this Fall with your killer knee high boots! A transition fashion clothes is always a must my dear! What y’all think? I got this dress from Topshop but unfortunately they’re out of stock but no worries babe, I linked the most similar one’s and favorites—it comes with blush color too! Would you wear one? Xo, April


Photos by: Yehleen Photography 



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