Hello Everyone! How are you guys? I hope y’all enjoying this almost perfect weather, not to hot or cold just about perfect. I still want my Autumn tress though haha good thing Chandler & I will be out of town next week for our Fall trip and staycation somewhere (can’t wait to give more details about it) I’ve been on the lookout for fall tress recently, that’s how badly I need the Autumn Tress, I envy those people who lives up North, they get to experience the so called Fall Foliage. I hope our trip next week will give justice to what I’ve been missing in life. Haha But for now, I am going to share my Fall Goals this year, back home we don’t have Fall season, we only have 2 kind of weather in the Philippines—sunny days & rainy days lol so yup, I did not experience this kind of weather so when I moved here in the US I created a long-list I want to do during Fall season and here’s 5 of them.


Host a bonfire party. I have been dreaming of hosting a bonfire party since we moved here in our new house, smore’s, hot cocoa & cozy jackets just some of the things why you gotta love bonfire parties. I hope the Universe will conspires and give me the bonfire party that I always dreamed of.

Go for a hike and do more outdoor activities. Since I moved here in the US Chandler been pushing  me to go hiking and this time of the year is perfect for all the outdoor activities but we just never really find time and I’m SUPER scared to be out in the woods (I swear) whenever I’m out there my imagination is just super wild. Few days ago Chandler called someone to rent kayak for both of us but I had to stop him in the middle of his conversation with the guy bc I was worried about kayaking, just thinking about Alligators jumping on me while I’m doing it made me say NO! Lol I know right, I’m super weird! Hahaha

Fall Instagram Feed. I don’t think I can fully achieve this goal, (duh, we’re in the South haha) unless he buy me a plane ticket and whisk me away up North. One of the reasons why I want to move somewhere else so I can have a fully Fall Foliage experience.

Take a hot air balloon ride. Keith & I planned of doing this last year but as far as I can remember something came up unexpectedly and we just never really had chance to make it happen and I’m hope this year we have time to scratch this off on our list.

Long road trips. Yay! Don’t y’all agree fall weather is perfect for your long road trips, finally we’re doing this Next week and I’m super excited about it. How about you? What’s your Fall goals? Let me know by leaving comments below! Xo, April


Photos by: Yehleen Photography


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