Hello Everyone! How’s your weekdays? Ahh, mine has been nothing but busy, I feel like I’m not even half way of my errands. For the past few days I’ve been trying to do something different on my blog and I came up with Friday’s Five Favorites, so every Friday I am going to post 5 items that I’m obsessed with! I’ve been thinking of doing this for a long time and it’s finally happening and I hope I can be consistent when it comes to this and would love for y’all to follow along! So for this week here’s my 5 items that makes me happy.

Skinny Vaunt strapless bra. I’ve used this kind of bra before but different brand and as far as I can remember those did not last very long to me but this one, trust me when I say I’ve used it few times already and they still stick as if it’s your first time using it. You can get one yours here.


Yellow ring handle bag I got from Shein. I’m kinda crying inside bc this cute purse already sold out but I’ll let you guys know once they re-stock it again and you have no idea how much I got this for (you can guess if want) haha Are you ready? *drum roll please* Okay take a deep breath first lol This was actually on sale for $1 YES! a dollar and I even made it cheaper because I used my remaining points so I only pay 30 cents plus free shipping but the quality doesn’t feel like 30 cents, if you look on the outside it looks more expensive, I guess I was just lucky enough that day.

Clinique Acne Kit. Since I started going to gym and sweating a lot, I’ve been having breakouts/acne problems, I was actually panicking the other bc the next day I had to attend an event but these products help me overnight to reduce the appearance of my blemishes. I actually can’t believe that it happened over night since then I’ve been using it twice a day.

Helen Ficalora. They’re going to launch their Holiday Collection next Month, I’ll also be taking over their Instagram, I’ll keep you guys posted once it’s almost that day.

Last but not the least, this book of Aimee Song that I borrowed from a close friend. I’ve seen this before somewhere and I wanted to get one but I just had no idea where to get it and few days ago my friend showed me this and couldn’t pass the opportunity. I thought I was doing enough already on Instagram until I read this one. Read it y’all and you’ll know what I’m talking about it here. Let me know guys your Friday’s Five Favorites as well by leaving comment below. XO,April


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