Hello Everyone! How’s your Thanksgiving week so far? We will be out of town tomorrow for Family Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to eat Turkey! LOL Speaking of such, I just got home from the gym, I’ve been working out a lot lately bc I know for a fact that holidays are approaching ‘aka’ when my diet die! Haha One of my followers on Instagram told me that she love the idea of working out before the damage is even done and I do agree with her, gotta make room for all the Holidays food haha before I get gaga again over here let’s talk about this velvet jacket, shall we? I’ve had this for a long time, I actually got this when I went to thrifty store few years back and when I laid my eyes on this one I knew to myself that I gotta have this and just been waiting for the right moment to wear it and I actually told myself that this trend is going back and I wasn’t wrong about that, even velvet dresses and booties are such  a trend this Fall.

There’s something about velvet that makes it look so luxurious but you don’t have to spend so much money on this one, you can just go to your nearest thrifty store just like what I did before or if you’re afraid wearing velvet give it a try with just shoes, try to put a very basic starting point and add some color to it like purse or accessories, it doesn’t have to be so colorful actually, it can also be something Fall colors and you’re so good to go or try wearing a velvet top with your distressed jeans as well as slip velvet dress is perfect for the holiday season. There are tons of ways to wear velvet trend you just gotta experiment and like what I always say, own it honey, confidence is the key!



Photos by: Yehleen Photography

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