Recently I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to start your own Fashion/Lifestyle blog or established your own brand on Instagram. If you missed my last post on how to start your own blog you can read it here. I’ve talked a few things there so if you have additional questions, you can just email me or leave comments below. Building your brand out there takes a lot of effort and sleepless night specially everybody’s doing it nowadays, I’m actually not even half way with my goals but since some of you sent me messages on Instagram asking for few tips so why not talk about it and share what I know. Honestly when I was starting I actually had no idea what I was doing, sometimes when I do look back to my outfits I do laughs and often asks myself what I was thinking when I wore this certain outfit, but as you keep going you’ll be amaze how’d you able found yourself, your own style and when you’re in that stage that’s when you going to stand out from the rest. People will come back for more because YOU have that unique style and because you’re doing differently. Like what I’ve said here, you don’t have to go with the trend, be the trend.

When I started blogging I actually had no idea where to start, what should I write, blogging is not like Estee Lauder products where you can see overnight results, blogging takes a lot of time and dedication. I remember myself being in front of my laptop all the time with baggy eyes just to build my brand and market myself. Standing out from the rest is so hard to do specially if you don’t know what you can offer to the blogging industry and knowing the fact that everybody’s doing it will make you feel more discourage, but if you know what you’re doing and your own style you’ll get to that road that you always dream of.  Give them something different, don’t copy someone’s style or form of writing because it won’t get you nowhere. Be unique because you have your own story to tell to the blogging industry and that’s what makes you as a blogger. I already mentioned this before but I’m going to say it again anyway, people will forget you if you don’t post often and be consistent with your posting time as well. Try to blog everyday as much as possible and make sure your blog post title/topic is very catchy, and write something where your readers can relate. Be sure to use your social media accounts to brand yourself out there, you’ll be amaze what social media can do to. You can thank me later! 😉 HAPPY THANKSGIVING Y’ALL! xo, April



Photos by: Yehleen Photography 


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