Hello Everyone! How’s your Wednesday? I’ve been decorating our house for Christmas, to be honest I wanted to decorate since the beginning of September but Chandler has this thing where No-Christmas-decorations-before-Thanksgiving so yes, he made me wait after Thanksgiving haha I got my lights all up, Christmas trees are also up, having real Christmas tree inside the house I can really feel more the spirit of Christmas, I ain’t kidding y’all. Speaking of such, my favorite holiday of the year is only few weeks away and to everyone who’s still looking for special gifts no worries, I am here to help you guys! I know for a fact that Christmas shopping can be very exhausting, looking for that special gift for our loved ones is no joke as well as dealing with the crowd on Black Friday, trying to score the good deals just to save a few bucks is not fun at all, I’ve been there, done that! It’s not happening again!! So without any further ado here’s my version of unique gift ideas.

Buy them plane ticket/cruise package. I know some people can’t really afford this but if you have money or been saving why don’t you try to give them Holiday Vacation, send them somewhere where they never been! I’m more plane-tickets-over-diamonds kind of girl, if you know what I’m talking about here. I promise that you going to make them smile from ear to ear! You can thank me later!

Personalized photo album. I’ve actually done this before and it worked, nothing can beat to the effort that you put on your gifts, specially if y’all newlyweds, you can use all your engagement, wedding and travel photos to create that perfect personalized album.

Wine Rack. Ahhh, this is so perfect if your husband/wife is such a wine lover, I am not going to lie, I’m one of those people who drink one glass of wine almost everyday and I’m telling you, this going to make my heart jump if you give me one. Lol (I know, I’m exagerrating)

Massage Gift Certificate or bring them to your nearest spa. Since I moved here in the US it’s so rare for me now to go to massage salon bc it’s freakin’ expensive, I used to paying $5 for 1 hour back home haha so yes, I’d rather go to spa salon and have that “me time” so I know some of you probably will agree or,

go to @totally_chocolate bc they make Custom Chocolate, Logo in Chocolate and Corporate Holiday gifts. Yes, they definitely engrave your/their name on chocolate and since I am really a chocolate lover this is also perfect for me. “There’s no other chocolate company offers the same level of exquisite detail that they have perfected over decades bc they are custom chocolate perfectionists, right down to the smallest feature of your artwork” and don’t forget to check their page bc they do Frequent giveaways and since I’m a chocolate lover #forreal I can’t help myself to eat all of these, they taste so good too! I also added more unique gift ideas below and they’re all under $50.


Thank you Totally Chocolate for sponsoring this post, all opinions and styling are my own

Photos by: Keith Chandler 


Thank you Totally Chocolate for sponsoring this post, all opinions and styling are my own

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