“I want to start a blog now” “You have the coolest job ever” just some of the few things they told me whenever they asked what I do for a living. It bothers me when people think I do have the easiest job in the world but trust me when I say, it’s REALLY harder than it looks. If you follow me on Instagram or on my blog all you see are pretty clothes and me posing in front of the camera, trying to look cute and everything but little did you know it takes a lot of time and effort just to create one content or blog posts. Imagine yourself dressing up everyday, wearing make up everyday, photoshoots, events, creating blog contents, brainstorming, keeping up with your social media accounts and meeting deadlines is not an easy job. I really don’t wear make up before bc I really do have sensitive skin but I still do it anyway because it’s a part of my job. You see? So many things we sacrifice just for the sake of our job and because I love what I do, and you might think bloggers don’t have bosses but we really do have, all my sponsored post has deadlines and it might sound I’m complaining but trust me I’m not, I’m actually thankful for the opportunities that I’m getting. This kind of job you don’t get paid every 2 weeks or every week, we only get paid whenever we do have collaborations or sponsored posts, sometimes it takes even 14 days or 30 days for us to get paid after we delivered our content that’s why I don’t think this job is not for everyone.

It annoys me whenever brands sent me emails offering freebies in exchange for blog post or instagram posts, if you’re only starting this probably should be okay (like what I did before) but if you’re doing this for a living you have to ask for compensation, we need to get paid bc freebies can’t pay our bills and you also have to know your worth. We spend hours and hours of creating a content just for the sake of their freebies? No, thank you! I learned my lesson when this certain brand sent me an email for Collaboration, free stuff in exchange for instagram posts, I said yes actually bc I wanted to try their products but then she told me I have to do this & that and they even gave me scripted caption, it was just a No No for me, I don’t really post something on my channels unless I really DO recommend it or using it. So if you guys are planning to be a blogger or influencer make sure you love it and you have passion for it not because you get freebies, trust me, it won’t get you anywhere.



Photos by: Yehleen Photography

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