Hello Everyone! How’s your December so far? I can’t still fathom the fact that we got snow last Friday, Snow in Louisiana? You gotta be kidding me! That was major!!! I’ve heard the last time they got snow here was 9 years ago, almost like a decade and you guys, that was also my first snow experienced! My heart was really happy when I saw the snow falling from the sky and cold weather calls for a hot cocoa or coffee. I wasn’t really a coffee drinker before but my husband turned me into one, I can’t call it a day without my caffeine and I’m not even exaggerating about it. Fun fact though; I really don’t drink hot coffee no matter how cold outside, I remember telling Chandler to get my usual iced coffee and he was like “but it’s so cold outside and you want iced coffee?” haha so when community coffee emailed me to review their cold brew coffee I was SO excited.

This coffee is super easy to make and the 24 hours of making it is worth the wait. I like how good and strong this is, this coffee comes in a small box with two foil packs that each contain two pouches of coffee, it’s basically like tea bags, I usually drop ’em in 4 cups cold filtered water and let it sit for 24 hours in my refrigerator, after that I usually remove the filter bags and add another 3 cups of cold water in the pitcher. I like mine with 2% milk, you can either put half & half, anything you want and serve it over ice! Now, I don’t have to spend $5 everyday for my iced coffee because Cold Brew Community Coffee got me good. Click here if you want to learn more about how to make your own cold brew coffee. 

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