Hello Everyone! I can’t fathom the fact that today is the first day of the year already! Who’s ready for 2018?  Few years back I used to make New Year resolutions but I did change that a year ago. Instead of making a list of New Year resolutions I do call them now my ‘goals’, (I know right) I really don’t make sense. Lol so for this year and since this is going to be my first post of the year, I’ll make this extra special by sharing my 2018 goals. For the past few years we’ve been blessed with so many things in life, like when we bought our first house in a city where we didn’t know anybody, got a job right away, went back to Philippines, got to spent some time with my family even it was a kinda short vacation (when I say short, I mean’t like ONLY a week! And this year we went Mexico to Celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary as well as my birthday since we promised we’ll take a trip out of the country every year. Last but not the least was when I quit my full time job just to make this blogging thing full time. It was a very brave move (I guess) bc I really had no idea where this blogging would take me (and I’m still working on it) but little did I know, I have been blessed with so much oppurtunities and met amazing/talented people through this little blog and y’all have no idea how thankful I am for this journey and support that I am getting from y’all.

So without any long intro here’s my 2018  short goals…

STOP PROCRASTINATING. I ain’t going to lie, I’m the kind of person who’s a very last minute, I won’t do it until it’s due, I don’t know why but cramming works me (I know, I’m weird) but sometimes it really gets me just like what happened few days ago, I did our Christmas cards very late so it end up not getting to our families late and some of them haven’t even got it yet. So this year, I’ll try my very best to do everything a head of time.


HEALTHY EATING HABITS: It’s almost a month now since I did a gluten free diet, not because everybody’s doing it just bc I do have allergy with wheat. It’s crazy how my body reacts to wheat recently, whenever I eat something that has gluten in it, my lips swells and so my throat so I have to be very careful now and I feel like I’ve been missing out a lot not being able to eat what I want. Looking on the bright side, I lost weight and this gluten free diet has been amazing. At first, I was actually really struggling bc Keith had to buy everything that’s gluten free and kinda more expensive doing that fast forward to right now, whenever there’s food in front of me that’s not gluten free, I’m actually okay not eating it even though I REALLY want ’em or craving for it. I also want to focus on eating more healthier this year, more vegetables bc honestly, I’m not a big fan of vegetables, there’s only certain veggie that I eat and I’ll try my very best this year to go out of my comfort zone.

RENEW MY PASSPORT. It’s been 5 years since I got my passport and it’s going to expire this year, so for me to be able travel out of the country again I have to go to Chicago to renew my passport there since one of the Philippine Embassy’s is in Chicago.

FOCUS MORE ON MY BLOG. Like what I’ve mentioned earlier, I do procrastinate a lot and one of those is writing blog posts. So this year I want to focus more on my blog as well as on my content. As much as possible I want to write 3x blog posts a week bc I’ve noticed last year I only post once a week and I want to do more than that.

EXERCISE MORE & ATTEND FITNESS CLASSES: I used to do a lot of cardio when we were living in Alexandria and when we moved in here in Covington everything changed. First, we actually bought gym membership in Abita and after few months Keith bought us 1 year membership in Francos and that was the time I don’t like driving around town also my excuses was I had to go to work and I don’t like working out before going to work and since I wasn’t active for few months I diff gained weight and that was also the time where I used to ran once a week compare to running almost everyday in Alexandria. When I quit my full time job I promised myself that I’ll try to go to the gym everyday and so I did and went back to my running routine, I think I did too much so now my right leg foot is been hurting and can’t even run now, I always have to do alternative cardio exercise and I really hate that I can’t run right now because y’all, I love running/sprinting a lot and hoping I would be able to do it again soon and also one of my goals this year is wake up early to attend fitness classes in Francos. Keith been wanting me to go but I’m just always hesitant bc I don’t know anybody there.

WAKE UP EARLY. When you wake up early you get more things done and that is one of my goals this year. Wake up early, go to the gym and work. But, I don’t really go to bed until midnight, so for me to able get 8hrs of sleep I also have to go to bed early and honestly, I don’t really go to bed till midnight.

LEARN TO LET GO THINGS. When I want something I need to have it (you can call me a brat if ya want to) and I know it’s not healthy but that’s how I grew up, not because my parents gave all the things I wanted, but just because it’s just me and I’m trying to work on it.


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