Hello Everyone! Yesterday I shared my 2018 goals and if you haven’t read it yet you can find it here. This is going to be my 2nd post this year and you guys, I am trying my very best to achieve one of my goals this year, be consistent with my blog. So for today’s post I am going to share what I learned from 2017, I have a pretty long list actually but I’ll just share the highlights that really gave me lessons and I want to share ’em with y’all.

Never rush things. Never! Just like always, anything worth having is worth waiting for, admire everything around you and make the most out of every moment bc when you do rush things, you will miss all the little moments. Remember, little things matter the most. 


Never make a decision when you’re angry and never make a promise when you’re happy. Probably you already heard this before and trust me when I say I can pretty much attest to this. When you’re angry you can’t really think right and you say things even you don’t mean ’em and once you’re calm you do realized the hurtful words that you uttered, the same thing when you’re happy. When you’re happy you see things differently, you do promise a lot of things bc you’re optimistic at the moment and you do believe you can do everything but when reality hits you that when the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s” comes in.

Dreams do come true if you work hard enough. I think I included this on my birthday post this year but I am still going to post it here again anyway and this is diff one of my fav things I learned this year. If it’s really meant for you and work hard enough for it everything will pay off. I’m a firm believer of, you won’t get anywhere if you just sit there, dreams needs hustle.

Saying Thank you and Please goes a long way. I worked as a customer service before and saying Thank you or being polite to other people even if they’re not goes a long way. Always remember, everyone’s in this world is fighting their own battle everyday and those little things can change their entire day.

It’s okay to use dating app to find friends. When we bought our house here in Covington we didn’t know anybody, few months ago I signed up to this certain app bc I had no friends, it’s basically like tinder but for girls, I’m glad I did because I already met amazing girls in town.

Every person in this world is capable of touching someone’s life. I still actually can’t believe that through this little blog I touched someone’s life and If I can do it you can do it as well. I am not trying to say here you have to own a blog as well, just being yourself and your little own way is enough. 

Photos by: K Chandler


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