Hello Everyone! How’s your first week of the year so far? New Year, New resolutions, New plans & New You! Ahhh, it’s amazing how New Year brings us so much hope and has a weird way of giving us another chance to start a new beginning such as personal goals, career and etc! It’s been freezing here in South Louisiana and honestly I do have love-hate relationship with winter. I love winter bc everything looks so cozy, the holidays festivities and of course the art of layering (fashion bloggers can diff relate to this lol) But at the same time, winter makes me just wanna lay down all day with my pjs and cuddle plus most of the time its always gloomy outside & I really don’t like gloomy weather. Speaking of such, so for today’s post I’m going to share my 5 tips to stay warm during this season.

Bundle up with winter wear. Invest in heat tech clothes and wool sweaters. They’re a bit pricey bc of the material they used but trust me, you can use ’em over and over again if you take care of them properly. And when it’s freezing outside always wear gloves, I read few months ago that our hands and feet are typically the first to feel the brunt of the cold, so don’t forget to bring gloves wherever you go.


Food & drinks that keeps you warm. such as hot coffee & chocolate. Chili’s is known as winter food here in the US so you can try that to and alcohol (if you’re old enough to drink) helps to keep your body warm as well.

Fireplace or candles. Duuh, of course you already know about this but still lighting a fire is a good way to keep ourselves warm.

Move around. When you’re outside don’t just stay in one place, move around so you won’t feel the cold as much, making movement will burn energy in your body and it creates heat in our body.

Bake something. When you’re inside your house, try to bake something. I read online baking will heat up your house quickly, another way keeping your house warm and you gotta to eat something. Lol

Beanies & beanies. Remember what Momma said? Yes, wear a hat when it’s cold outside. Listen to your mom, mom’s knows best and guys, don’t forget your moisturizer everyday during winter to keep your skin hydrated and of course drink lots & lots of water.

Photos by: K Chandler


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