Hello Everyone! Happy Mardi Gras Weekend! K & I just got home from New Orleans, it was nothing but but full of festivity in town! Tiring yet we had so much fun! Mardi Gras is one of the biggest Celebrations in Louisiana. Every town has their own parades but usually the biggest ones happens in New Orleans. Mardi Gras, which is French for Fat Tuesday and if you haven’t been to Nola for Mardi gras you gotta have to! Words won’t even give justice how fun Mardi Gras is! Something you can enjoy without causing you anything, in fact ya gotta have some amazing things from all the Krewes. Speaking of such, for today’s blog post will give y’all ideas how to throw Mardi Gras party wherever you live.

King cake. Mardi Gras is not complete without King cake and of course and like they say, King Cake calories don’t count (LOL) If only I’m not dealing with gluten allergy right now I’ll probably stuff my mouth with this King Cake in front of me.

Mardigras Beer. To top it off with Celebration, try to Celebrate with these beers from Abita Beer. They have different kind and I must say, you HAVE to try all of em!

Dress up. Trust me when I say Celebration is even more better if you dress up, another reason for us to be someone.

Decorations. Mardi Gras has 3 main colors! Purple, symbolizes Justice, Gold, symbolizes Power, Green, symbolizes Faith. If you don’t have any beads try to improvise using this 3 colors and don’t forget to invite your friends over and you’re good to go from throwing the best Mardi Gras Party!


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Photos by: Hubby


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