Hello Everyone! How are y’all? Finally I’m off for 2 days, you have no idea how long I waited to get this 2 days off of my life. I worked 8 days straight and I survived, here I am blogging again. For everyone who doesn’t know yet, I do have another job aside from this. I would love to be a full time blogger but I know it takes time, it takes a lot of determination and patience. Ahhh, someday… For today’s post I’m going to show you what I wore on my first Mardigras Parade! I know it’s kinda late now to blog about this, but its better late than never, right?lol I was planning on wearing a dress but it was too hot that day which kinda crazy ’cause it did not feel winter at all. I chose this black pants and white sneakers, I know for a fact that we’re going to do a lot of walking, I was right about that. Wearing sneakers during Continue reading


Hello loves! How’s the weekend? Can we restart it again? Honestly, I wasn’t ready!!! As If I don’t work on weekends, in fact I’ve been working 7 days straight now to my other job and I got 1 more day before I can chill and Netflix. Haha Coachella is around the corner and for those who’s going  you’re on the right page. I haven’t been to one but if someday (just maybe) this is the kind of outfit I would love to wear, well maybe I won’t last to this one. *Cough* I’m talking about this knee high booties! She killed me when I wore this few weeks ago anyway!!! But, with this outfit you can always wear flats or lace up sandals, trust me you can’t go wrong with those! I’m in love with the details of this bomber jacket I got from here. I mean, look at those patches, they’re so neat!!! Of course, I matched it with my denim shorts and embroidered blouse, ahhhh, I do have a thing for embroidery nowadays. You can also get a similar outfit below! Love, April  Continue reading


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Hello people, how’s your spring so far? Oooh, It’s not even May but it feels like summer already here, this kind of weather is just making me more excited about the idea of going to the beach. Haaaaaa! Before I get gaga of this weather let’s talk about this outfit, shall we? For today’s post, I chose this Lemon printed blouse together with my cutest hat purse I have. This vibrant color is perfect for Spring season, you can either style this with shorts or ripped jeans just like what I did. If you’re rushing to go somewhere, errands or shopping this outfit is perfect for those. This printed top is one of my new favorites in my closet, you can get this here, I also created a similar look in shopstyle, you can check it below! Please don’t forget to leave comments. Love lots, April

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White Vanity Table

Happy first day of Spring, Everyone! How’s it so far? Today, I’ll be sharing my personal space! Yaaay! 🙂 When I was a kid I used to pretend I was applying make up on in front of my vanity table and few months ago I got my own, to be honest this is everything I wanted and so much more. Keith & I bought a house last year and as of now we still have a long list of Furnitures we need to get. Slowly but surely, like they said! Buying furniture online is kinda risky, all you have are pictures and reviews from the previous buyers. I was hesitant at first but after debating for few hours I decided to go for it. That white round table is included and it has 3 removable mirrors, if you don’t like having mirrors on your vanity you can just easily remove it. I found similar vanity mirror on Shopstyle, you can find it below together with my shoes and clothes.  Continue reading

Burgundy Sleeveless Vintage Print Bodycon Dress

Hi, Everyone! Happy Saturday! May your coffee be strong and your weekend be long. Hahaha! I bought this Vintage dress long time ago and been sitting in my closet waiting to be worn just like my other clothes. No kidding though, I have many dresses that I haven’t wear and they keep coming. Haa! You can also get this dress by clicking the banner on the side bar and use the discount code below so yeah, keep reading. I never thought in my almost 24 years of existence in this world that I’d wear a bodycon dress, you know, I just have this insecurity with my stomach (Uhh, this is one of those days where I wish I had a flat stomach,  like VS angels) haha But this leather jacket save my day to cover them! Yes! Yes people! THEM! I grabbed my black clutch with me and white Sunglasses! What do you think? Leave your comments below!  Continue reading