Travel Diaries: Sailing with Dolphins

img_2552Costa Rica, it’s time to say goodbye. It was really great spending a few days to get to know you, for sure this won’t be the last. Yep, this is going to be my last travel diaries from our trip to Costa Rica (too soon and too good to end) of course, I save the best for last (ika nga) We booked this sailing session online and aaah, If we’re going back here we’ll definitely do this again. Continue reading

Travel Diaries: Surfing 101 and In betweens

img_2737Finally, I can scratch this off on my bucket lists. Yaaay! I still can’t believed that we did this surf lesson before we flew back home. On our 3rd day in Playa Flamingo we wasn’t actually planning of doing anything but the resort offers a lot of activities and one of those is surfing 101. I was really really hesitant to do this ’cause I am afraid of big waves and I don’t know really how to swim (aside from doggy paddle)haha but Continue reading

Travel Diary: Chasing Purple Sunset

IMG_9942It haven’t sunk in yet that I got to see this beautiful sunset with my other half. I remember pinching myself many times just to check if this was just a dream. It was actually full of cliches that it was so hard to believe that it was happening to us. Trust me, it was one of the best moments of mylife. Photos below can’t even give justice how beautiful it was and no matter how I explain here my words still won’t be enough (I’m afraid if I do so this post will be to lengthy) 🙂 Continue reading


IMG_2409This was my first two piece outfit, “was” because I left this in our hotel together with my “worst behavior” one piece swimsuit. 🙁 (but I bought another pair anyway lol) I was hesitant to purchase this actually, I was afraid that the quality will not be that nice but yeah, they surprised me how comfy they are. I wore this on our second day at Playa Flamingo when we were booked for Continue reading

Travel Diary: Sand and Waves

IMG_2284After we stay in San Jose for one night, the next day we flew going to Tamarindo. Tamarindo is just 30 mins away from San jose via plane or 4 hours via car and this place is known for pretty beaches and surfing. We found this hotel because of the help of TripAdvisor and I think this is the best beach front hotel we stayed in so far. I think once you stay here you’ll not ask for more since they have everything you need Continue reading