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DSC_0474It took a while for me to figure out what I was going to wear the day when we went to Baton Rouge for my weekend off. I’m the kind of person when I have new clothes I am always excited to wear them and I usually hang them in front of my walk in closet so when I open the door of my closet they’re the first thing I’m going to see (I know it sounds weird but they put smile on my face haha) Since I just bought this skirt I grabbed it and paired it with my new blazer from Cato. This was my first time to wear something like this, to be honest, I was kinda hesitant because I was afraid Continue reading

Travel Diary: Texas State Capitol


Few months ago we explored Austin, Texas, this was actually another spontenous trip. But yup, this Travel diary from Austin Texas is so gazillion late. Anyway, when we arrived in Texas the first thing we did was walked in to their State Capitol. We were hesitant to do the tour because we don’t know how much is going to be but to my surprise it was free. So if your going to go visit Austin Texas don’t forget to see their State capitol, you will get a free tour. Who doesn’t like free anyway? 🙂 Continue reading

Go Round

DSC_0135When I was in College round sunglasses are already famous but I just don’t have the courage to wear it because I know I won’t be able to nail it. When I came here in the US I wore a lot of things that something I’ll not wear in the Philippines, you know, as much as possible I want to stay away from jejemon people back home that’s why I preferred pants and shirts before. I started going out of my comfort zone more when Continue reading

How I got A Sweet Surprise from Pandora x #PANDORAStyle


I know some of you wondering how I got my sweet surprise from Pandora Company. But if you’re not familiar what I’m talking about here some little facts about them. Where do I start? They have store in 80 countries, 6 continents across the globe, all PANDORA jewelry is hand-finished, they have more than 800 Pandora charms to choose from (that’s a lot, isn’t it?) and PANDORA offers a full line of jewelry accessories. Now you know!!! Continue reading